Support the ACLU of Missouri

Hi, Internet. 

If you are looking for a constructive way to help diffuse this situation in Ferguson and help the St. Louis region recover from this outburst of ultra-shitty police aggression and racial tension, please consider a donation to the ACLU of Missouri. The ACLU will have their hands full over the coming months in their attempt to bring justice to Mike Brown, and any financial assistance you can provide will be certainly welcome.

I live 8 miles from the epicenter of these protests – I can hear helicopters and sirens race up Highway 170 from Highway 40 by my home. From afar, you may think you aren’t able to do much. But your donation to the ACLU of Missouri helps. Please donate - I did.

Hugs - 


Searching for Tomorrow: The Story of Madlib and DOOM's Madvillainy

Every now and then, Pitchfork will drop a gem of an article like this: a killer long form piece about the origins of one of the best hip-hop albums of all-time.

Dedication is dragging an iron mask to business meetings. But there’s no such thing as halfway crooks, and no legitimate supervillain can strike terror in spectacles and a kufi. You need esoteric scars and an origin myth smothered in smoke. You need resilience to battle post-9/11 Homeland Security officials wary of black British nationals with Five Percenter backgrounds. You need a metal face, preferably one with an aperture allowing you to drink beer. Otherwise, you’re just weird. 

What an awesome read. 

(Also, Madvillainy is 10 years old? I remember picking up the CD at a record shop on Broad Street in Philly while visiting some friends on the East Coast. We played it in the car as we rode around and I’ll never forget my first listen — it was like nothing I’d ever heard before.)

Miles Davis: 'Coltrane was a very greedy man. Bird was, too. He was a big hog'

Forty years have seen a thousand changes in his music, yet it all retains the spearing imprint of an extraordinarily particular trumpet sound. A modern sound, terse, fresh-minted, newly-spoken – it always sounds like it was made just now. Charlie Parker’s hesitant partner in Bird’s Savoy masterpieces from 1945; touchstone in the genesis of the Cool, four years later. Scuffler in and out of junk, then presiding maestro of the Great Quintet with Coltrane. Sketcher in Spain, and purveyor of various kinds of blue.